4 Most Common Mistakes when Purchasing Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is a real investment, and it should take every bit as much of research, consideration and information as purchasing a car or home. 

We don't want you to get caught making a decision that will come back to bite you down the road, so we've put together this list of 4 most common mistakes when purchasing medical equipment!:

1- Buying Online

It’s fast- it’s easy- it’s often cheaper- what could go wrong? 

Well, lots of things, sadly. 

We all love the instant gratification when we click the “Buy Now” button and have our whole purchase done in just a matter of minutes, but what are we actually “saving” on in this scenario? We may be saving a few bucks up front, but think about down the road...

With a major purchase like a power chair, buying online means that you’re cutting the cost- but you might just be cutting out the very perks that will make your life the most easy and care-free down the road. 

While buying online might be a great option for books, movies and household products, for large investments it’s most likely going to be followed by some regret. For instance, if something about the equipment isn’t as good of quality as you were expecting, or if the picture didn’t show you something about the equipment, you now have to deal with it.

2- Not Testing it Out

You wouldn’t by a car online or without testing it for yourself- you’d want to try it first! 

You want to see how you feel in the drivers seat, make sure the interior suits your preferences, and most of all- that it drives and operates how you expect it. It’s a big investment so you want to make sure it works great and works for your needs. 

Medical equipment like power chairs and mobility scooters are the same way. Don’t plop down your money til you’ve tested it out in person!

3- Overlooking Customization

Another mistake is agreeing to buy something before reviewing customization options. 

Everyone is different and has different needs, so why think a standard chair is going to fit all your needs?

With a large medical investment, you want to ensure it’s perfectly suited to you. If there’s something about a chair or scooter that isn’t perfectly comfortable but seems like a “small issue," it will probably become really bothersome and a much bigger issue down the line once you’ve lived with it for a long time. 

It’s always better to get everything customized just the way you want it from the get-go, instead of having to find a company for customization after you've made the purchase- or worse- buy something that can’t be customized the way wish it could be!

4- Customer Service Nightmares

With computers and buying online, more and more people are running into the problem of frustrating customer service. 

Companies who offer great prices online often cut corners with the customer service department. Why pay an expert who actually knows real practical information about the equipment when you can pay someone in another country half the wage to answer general questions that don’t even really answer your problem!

Finding a medical supply business with expert and warm customer service will save you so many headaches and heartaches down the line. Instead of chatting online, sending in requests, or trying to decipher things over the phone every time, get someone who wants to see you face to face and actually know you! 

Real customer service isn’t about the problem, it’s about the person. 

A real customer service agent will not only be an expert in medical equipment, they’ll be a compassionate person who genuinely wants to help you, not just clock in and out and get their pay check every day.

Don’t fall for these mistakes. 

Make sure you test out your equipment, explore personal customization, and find caring and skilled staff before you invest in medical supplies. Down the line when you run into any question or issue with your equipment, you wont be urgently trying to get help from someone on the phone who doesn't really have solutions to offer you. You’ll be able to make one call and get quick, caring, personalized solutions right at the moment you need it most!

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