Top 4 Reasons Everyone Should Try a Go-Go Mobility Scooter

There are people you’ve been meaning to visit and sites you been meaning to see, but chances are…the list just keeps getting longer because it’s not so easy for you to get out and about.

Trying out a Pride Go-Go Mobility Scooter for yourself will help you experience just how much more life mobility like this could open up for you.

We’d love for you to come by and try one out, but just as a little preview, here’s the top 4 reasons we think everyone should try out a Go-Go mobility scooter for themselves:

4 - Variety

Ever get to a clothing store with something specific in mind and get frustrated with the lack of options?

What about heading to the video game store and they don’t have the newest releases you’ve been dying for?

Lack of variety is the worst! But one thing we love about the Pride Go-Go Mobility Scooter is they have thought of just about everything in designing their different types of scooters!

For instance, depending on the type of terrain you’ll be on most of the time, you’ll find a huge difference between 4-wheel mobility scooters and 3-wheel scooters, but Pride has several models in both of these options to pick from!

3 - Travel-Friendly

But what about those of you who like to see the world?

Here’s the thing:

Pride realizes that your scooter may not just be taking you down the sidewalk in your local neighborhood. There are road-trips to take, family reunions to head to, new babies to visit, and beautiful places on your bucket list to see; all places that are probably a little too far for you to get to on your scooter (as great as it is.)

Because of this Pride has models that come apart or fold up in various ways for easy storage and travel. For instance the Pride Mobility S19 Go-Go Folding Scooter folds up into a snug compact version of itself in just 3 easy steps! 


For those who love to travel the world this makes voyaging dreams come true.

2 - Extra Juice (not the drinking kind)

I know you were already dreaming of driving your Go-Go scooter clear to Aunt Julie’s house across country for her fresh baked pie, but hold on! We don’t recommend you take it out as a road-trip vehicle, (and besides, think of all the mosquitoes you’d collect in your hair!) however, Pride Mobility scooters have durable long-lasting batteries, that can hold a charge from anywhere from 5.9 to 12.5 miles!

This makes life so much more convenient, because you’ll be able to use it consistently throughout the week, or on vacations, without having to charge it up all the time!

1 - Most Reliable

Here’s the truth:

Pride Mobility Scooters are the highest rated online, and nationally for their reliability.

And we think that’s the top thing you’d want to hear if you’re looking at making a wise investment. Investing in something that will ease and brighten your life is a great idea, but only if you know it’ll last.

With all the new equipment and technology coming out these days, many things look new and shiny, but it’s the brands that have been around year after year and still have a track record of reliability that are worth the investment.

And guess what:

Pride has been around and thriving for over 30 years now.

Now that’s a track record.

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