5 Online Abilities Resources Everyone Should Know About

When we stumble on some great information, we want to share it! Here's some online resources we just had to tell you about! 

1) Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Everyone gets discouraged and needs the reassurance from someone else who has “been through it” - someone who can show you it’s possible to keep moving forward. Christopher Reeve’s story of perseverance has inspired many to not give up on their own stories. We especially love the incredible advice, encouragement and heart that breathes out of the blog of this incredible organization.

2) Abilities Expo

Having a community is important for anyone, but having the type of people around you that understand your unique hobbies, personality, challenges, or passions can literally turn your life around.

Abilities Expo creates an amazing atmosphere for those in common locations with common experiences to get together, meet, and get exposed to some amazing resources. 

And the Los Angeles Expo is coming up soon!

3) Art Shop Therapy

Art has always had a mysterious power- as though it unlocks a hidden door inside us and releases the inner treasures of our hearts and minds in a way the world can experience them with us. 

Art Shop Therapy is a great resource to engage this inner world, and offers therapeutic art lessons for children and adults with disabilities.

4) The Mighty

The biggest lie we can start to believe in our lives is that we’re facing things alone, but the amazing website The Mighty is here to dissolve that lie: 

“Billions of people are facing serious health conditions” they say  “— including many of us at The Mighty. It’s so easy to feel like we are facing these challenges alone. The truth is, we are all facing disability, disease and mental illness together.” 

Check out the wealth of articles and input written by people just like you.

5) Pinterest

Believe it or not, Pinterest is one of our favorite places on the web! 

Whether you’re a parent who’s looking for fresh ideas for how to play with your child, or someone who needs more information on applying for disability benefits, this online “bulletin board” has ideas, tips, images, and advice from people all over the world who have had the same questions and are just one step ahead of you. 

Check it out!

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