Pros & Cons of Standing Power Chairs

Is a standing power chair the right choice for your life?

If these awesome machines have been on your radar, you probably have tons of questions before you buy:

Is it right for my lifestyle? 

Will it work with my current living situation? 

What are the pros and cons?

We made it super easy for you to grab the facts and decide whether or not a standing power chair is right for you.

Here’s a list of pros and cons of standing power chairs to help you make the best decision for your life and needs:


Pressure Relief

A sitting position inflicts pressure on your back that is released when you rise to a standing position. As described by

“Sitting puts pressure on the discs, causing low back pain to worsen after sitting for long periods of time.”

A standing power chair is an effective way to help release the pressure in your lower back throughout the day; easing or preventing reoccurring pain in your lower back.

Blood Circulation

We all know blood is what keeps us alive, but did you know this:

One of the biggest benefits of a standing power chair is increased blood circulation throughout the whole body.

As the body reaches the standing position, the blood flows more seamlessly into all the limbs, thereby bringing oxygen into all extremities and strengthening muscles, arteries, and heart.

Bone Density

Remember all those milk commercials that claimed milk built strong bones? Well, maybe it does. But another thing that builds strong bones is movement!

Bone strength is directly related to body movement:

When bones are moved and used they are strengthened, and a standing power chair creates just the opportunity for this movement, keeping your bones strong and healthy for years to come.


Many recent studies show just how vital digestion is to our overall health.

Staying seated for long periods of time also has a large effect on your digestive system. Elongating the body into a standing position from time to time has a drastic impact on the digestive tract, freeing it up and promoting better digestion.  

If you’ve been noticing increasing issues with your digestion or stomach, this benefit alone might be a good reason to make this important investment.

Enhanced Social Interaction

People care about people, and social interaction is core to overall health!

It may seem less important than the aforementioned health benefits, but is probably just as vital. Positive social interaction will affect self-confidence and relationships in a way that will improve mood, and therefore, overall physical health.

Improved Reach

A standing power chair reinforces your independence by giving you the ability to take more ownership of your daily needs. This machine helps you reach things commonly used in daily life and reduces frustration throughout your day. 


Bulky Base

Because of the need for a sufficient counterweight to keep you stable when raised to the standing position, the base of a standing power chair can be a bit bulkier than power chairs that do not extend in the same way.


While medical insurance may be a viable option for many other medical equipment needs, most insurance companies don’t cover standing power chairs, so a different financing option may be required for this investment.

Best on Flat Terrain

Although standing power chairs are very sturdy in their upright position, they are still not meant to be driven over uneven surfaces when fully extended. For this reason, they are best qualified for smooth or even surfaces.

Expensive to Maintain

Because of their advanced design standing power chairs can be pricey to maintain, however, if you invest in one with an in-home warranty attached, you can get the incredible benefit of free in-home repairs!

While we hope this list helps clarify what this investment could mean for you, there is nothing like trying a power chair out for yourself! If you live in or around Los Angeles California, we encourage you to come try out a power chair for free!

Everyone is different, and we’d love to address your unique questions, concerns and potential customizations to make the chair a perfect fit for you.

And to make things even simpler:

For our local friends, we even offer a free home inspection to ensure your new power chair will be compatible with your current living arrangement! 

The last thing you’d want is to make a great investment, only to discover it conflicts with the layout or accessibility of your home- but we’ll assess all that for you and give our professional opinion free of charge!


If you have any other questions about standing power chairs or our services, feel free to reach out in the comments below or on our social media!

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