5 Top Ways to Pay for your Medical Equipment

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. 

No, not that little fuzzy purple thing your daughter left in the corner with 3 Cheerios to hold it over till dinner. We’re talking about the fact that medical equipment usually doesn’t come cheap. (And if it does, it probably won’t last or work well. But that’s a whole other issue…) 

It’s tough. 

You have medical bills for treatments, check-ups, and tests, and now you’re also expected to purchase one of the biggest technological advancements of the modern age like a standing power chair? 

It’s asking a lot. 

But the truth is, unlike many other countries in the world, there are many different avenues to explore for large purchases. 

Still doesn’t make it easy, but it’s not impossible. 

As a business that has been around for over 20 years, we hate knowing that many of you get sent on wild goose chase with your questions about equipment costs and financing. We don’t always have an easy solution, but we are dedicated to working with you and helping you figure out an option that will work for your situation. 

To start, here’s the top 5 ways many people who have come through our doors have used to get the medical equipment they need:

1 - Family Support

It’s never really comfortable to ask your family for help, but if there was ever a worthy reason, this is it. You didn’t go out to Vegas and end up with a debt collector on your tail. You didn’t spend all your cash on a new Bugatti (hopefully) and then realize you have nothing left for the equipment you need for daily life. 

This isn’t something you should be ashamed of asking help for. 

That’s what family is for. 

They come through for you now, and you will come through for them at times as well. Whether it’s for emotional support, friendship, advice, your very presence- you have something valuable to offer them no one else can give. 

You’re worth their investment. 

You are.

2- Fundraisers

Round up some of your best friends and have a brainstorming session for a fundraiser to get funds. 

Chances are, within your group of friends you’ll find all the key players you’ll need to come up with creative ideas, plan it out, and execute it. Some people might actually be waiting for just such an opportunity to use their planning skills! 

3- Lenders

If money pooled from friends, family, and supporters still falls short, there are loan opportunities for purchasing medical equipment. 

Several of our customers have gone this route when needed, and have made payments on loans for the equipment that they simple couldn’t put off purchasing.

4- CareCredit

We’re happy to say we now accept CareCredit!

This healthcare financing credit card offers a period of time with 0% interest to pay off your purchases. Depending on the business you’re purchasing from and a few other factors, they may offer you anywhere from 6-18 months with no interest on a given purchase. 

This way you can get the equipment you need and make smaller payments on a monthly basis without building up interest that will come back to bite you like other credit cards. 

Just make sure you keep make that monthly minimum payment!

5- Rental

Do you know some extra money is coming down the pipeline but you need the equipment now? 
Why not just get a rental? 

We offer quality rentals that can get you by until your funds come through from that insurance check, fundraiser, business venture, etc. 

A rental might just buy you the time you need to get your finances in order for the final purchase without having to get a loan.

We hope this helps show you some of the possibilities out there, and that one of these will work for you. But if you still need help feel free to call us any time and we’ll be right beside you through the process.

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