3 Reasons a Lift Chair Will Change Everything

When we deal with pain or injury on a daily basis, this is one thing constantly on our minds:

How do we stay as comfortable as possible throughout the day?

Whether it’s a leg injury, a strained back, or another issue, something that used to be as simple as getting up from the couch to after watching our favorite show may now be an excruciating experience.

No thanks.

Your rest, relaxation, and movie time with the family shouldn’t be hindered by pain, and a lift chair can change everything. Here’s just a few reasons a lift chair might be the next most important investment into your own wellbeing and enjoyment of life:


First of all, what’s the worst part of sinking into a wonderfully comfortable couch or lazy-chair? 


Getting out again! 

Even for someone without injury and pain, with some furniture out there today, this can be a downright chore! The wonderful thing about a lift chair is with the few clicks of a button, it rises and tilts, allowing you to easily slip into it, or out of again, with little to no strain on your body.

Reading your favorite book just got comfortable again!


No matter who we are, when we start watching a good movie or get deep into a marathon of our favorite show, our body is eventually going to want to change positions now and then. On standard furniture, this means we have to slide, and twist, and sit up, and lean, just to try to find a new position that is half as comfortable as the first one we had! 

A lift chair takes away all that unnecessary movement by doing all the moving for us. 

Depending on the type of chair you choose, you’ll have anywhere from 2 to 8 positions to choose from! This will also relieve pressure that often builds up in the back and spine when we sit for too long in a single position.

Here’s a chart of the different models and which positions they have so you can decide which would be best for your needs and lifestyle:


Continuing injuries or ailments that keep us in sitting positions for long periods of time can eventually catch up to our circulation and heart health- another reason why the ability to move, stretch, and get blood flowing to all the reaches of our body is so important. 

If you go with the Zero gravity lift chair, your chair will be able to assume a position that raises the footrest above the head and heart. This significantly improves circulation and is a great defense against heart conditions like congestive heart failure. 

Regardless of which chair you choose - from the 2-position chair all the way to outerspace (er…I mean, Zero gravity)- don’t make the mistake of investing in a lift chair without trying it out first! 




Regardless of how chic and comfy it may look in an image, there is no way of knowing the right chair and fit for you without actually sitting in one and feeling it out! Each chair is made of different materials and with different density’s of cushion. 

Your neighbor may rave about their super soft lift chair, but you might discover the softest chairs make your back ache, and that you would do better with firmer cushion that offers more support. 

There’s no way to know till you try, and what a shame to go through all the process of ordering a chair, having it delivered, moving it into your living room...only to decide after a week it’s the wrong fit for you.

So much time wasted.

We would love to let you try our a wide variety of lift chairs at our Sherman Oaks show room, as well as answer any other questions you have about which would be the right choice for you. 

See you soon!

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