Last Minute Gift Ideas


Christmas is right around the corner! If you're like most of us, you're probably rushing around to check off those last gifts on your list! 

Well you know that we have wheel chairs and such, but did you know we also have smaller items that might be the perfect gift for someone in your life? 

Here's just a few of the items that could work for someone you love, and if you head into our store you'll get an automatic 10% Holiday Discount! 

Seat cushions are a wonderful gift for those with, or without disabilities! Whether someone you know could use a new seat for their power chair, or you have a friend who sits a lot at their job and is starting to experience back pain, you might just find a cushion here that will relieve tons of stress and strain from their lives! 

Most people look forward to getting to bed, but for many people, the evening is a time they dread because it means hours of laying awake just wishing they could get to sleep. We have a wide variety of sleep therapy items that could help them finally get the sleep they dream of, including humidifiers like the one pictured here!

Need some stocking stuffers? Why not some compression stockings
It's a stocking in a stocking!- but the one they get to keep will help them out for days to come!

Finally, for those friends of yours who are confined to bed, a nice new over-bed table could be just the thing. Add a personalized note or drawing to it once you get it home, and they'll think of you gratefully every time they start their day!

These are just a few of the items we have that will not only make a great Christmas gift, but will truly benefit the lives of your loves ones for years to come!

Happy Holidays!

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