Don’t Make THIS Mistake when Buying Medical Equipment

Quite often, the need for new medical equipment comes right out of the blue. 

No one was expecting their wheel chair to break, or to strain their back and need a lift chair, or to need a hospital bed installed. These events just weren’t on the calendar! So most of the time we rush to fit in this big purchase into our already packed schedule. 

The problem with this scenario is many people end up making a very grave mistake in their rush to purchase the new equipment:

They don’t get an in-home assessment first!

Think about it. 

If you’re getting a new power chair, it may have much different dimensions than the one you previously had, and there may be areas in your home that just aren’t prepared for it. Much better to have a professional who knows the sizes and functionality of each model come look over your home to make sure you’ll be able to still get around easily, and fit the chair into all the spaces you’re used to!

Or what if you finally decide to get your husband that comfy lift chair he’s been wanting for so long, only to discover: it won’t fit through your doorway, or around that really tight corner you have in the house! 

An in-home assessment will help you not only know the perfect product for your current living situation, but also the easiest plan to get it properly installed, as well as a thorough orientation on how to use and maintain it.

Those who think they’re saving time by just eye-balling it and rushing into a sale often end up losing time when they later have to exchange it for a product that will work better for their home and daily activities. 

Don’t make this mistake! 

We’d love to give all our local friends an in-home assessment so you’ll have all your bases covered!

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