Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchairs

Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchairs, also known are center-wheel power chairs, are known for being extremely maneuverable!

This maneuverability comes from the drive wheels being located right under the user allowing the chair to turn on center.

A Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair is great for in-home use with tight spaces, and outdoor use for everyday needs.

You may need a Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchairs if you are looking for:

  • Outstanding maneuverability
  • Everyday full-time use power chair
  • Captain high-back or medium back seating styles
  • Elevating leg rests on your power wheelchair
  • Speeds up to 6 mph
  • Battery range of up to 16.65 miles

You should NOT get Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchair if you are looking for:

  • Portable electric wheelchair for easily transport in a vehicle (see travel power wheelchairs)
  • Compact electric wheelchair
  • Light weight electric wheelchair

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